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Date: May 08, 2020
Hello hello hello~ this whole site is a work in progress
welcome to this site. Currently there is not much online as I still have a looot of coding to do. However all information sites as well as the upcoming decks list is online, so feel free to check them out!
For those interested in joinging this tcg, the discord server is already up and you can join it via the links provided in the information pages or in the navigation under the "site" tab. I also take donations for deck creations, levelbadges and stampcards. Everyone who donates, will get all the rewards stated on the donation page as well as the donator credit as soon as you join the tcg when it opens for pre-join.

Until then, here is a list with stuff, I still have to do for pre-join opening:
To Do:
05/50 card decks
Member & Admin panel coding
linkstuff, affiliates & credits page
games area
tidbits here and there Exeunt lagoonaris~


Welcome to Treasure Hunt, an online tcg about anime, manga & video games. If you're new to tcgs, check out the information page. If you are interested in Treasure Hunt, feel free to join us!


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