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Card types

On Treasure Hunt we have different card types, divided into different categories. Depending on those categories, those cards have a different design, worth and rarity. Below is an overview of those different card types, their worth, deck size and other additional information.

Example Card type Additional info #/$ per deck
Regular Single or puzzle cards from regular decks. The most common card type which can be earned via updates, games and rewards. 20/1
Special Single cards from special decks. They look like regular cards but are a rare card type which can be earned via a few games, events and rewards.
Prefix: sc-
Member A card with an image of choice by the member and decorated with diamonds. They are custom-made and can only be earned via trade.
Prefix: mc-
Event A card type without corresponding deck. It is decorated with stars. Those cards can only be earned via events and updates.
Prefix: ec-


Once you have collected all cards of a deck, you can master the deck via the master form in your member panel. From there, you receive the master badge of the deck and the cards will be put permanently into your collection, which means that you can't trade them anymore unless you earn those cards again. As compensation, you get a reward based on the deck type you mastered. Member cards and event cards aren't divided into decks. However you can still "master" them for every 10 member or event cards you collect.

Deck type Reward
Regular 1 choice card, 3 regular cards, 1x and 20x
Special 1 choice card, 5 regular cards, 2x and 40x
Member cards 1 choice card, 4 regular cards, 1x and 40x
Event cards 1 choice card, 4 regular cards, 1x and 20x


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