Currencies & Stores

On Treasure Hunt you can find two types of currencies. Diamonds and gold coins. Both can be used in the different stores in the forum. One of the stores is the card store where you can buy new cards. The other one is the item shop where you can buy special items which are explained further below. Since the site and staff don't keep track how much of each currency you earn, it is your own responsibility to write everything down in you tradelog.

Gold coins are the most common currency. You can earn it via a lot of games as well as rewards and events. Gold coins are most commonly used for the lottery game and the card store. Diamonds are a rare currency, only obtainable via a few games as well as some rewards and events. Diamonds are mostly used for items in the item shop as well as in some events.


What would be a treasure hunt without a few items that can potentially ease your quest of cards and fame? Below you can find an overview of the items of Treasure Hunt as well as their function. All of these items can be bought at the item shop in the forum. Some of them may also be earned as event rewards.

Stars are the remnants of a shooting star that fell from the sky. Since nobody wished for something while it fell down, it still has its wishing power within it. Therefore, you can use a star to earn 1 choice card. Please announce your wish in the forum. Potions are mysterious liquids brewed by witches. No one besides them knows the recipe. But once drank it will raise up your skills and let you earn double the team points in the weekly battle games. Please inform the staff about it in the forum. Keys are relics of old times. They are quite a riddle in itself. Mostly because no one knows how they are able to open doors which should remain locked. You can use them to play certain game categories twice. Bronze for weekly, Silver for bi-weekly and Gold for monthly. Please comment their usage on the corresponding update.


Stampcards have the purpose to help you keep track of how many cards you have traded. For each card you receive in a trade, you can raise the count of your stampcard by one. In contrast to your member level, stampcards go by card count instead of card worth.
For example: You trade 2 regular cards for 2 regular cards. You gain 2 stamps. You trade away 1 regular card and 2 special cards for 3 regular cards. You gain 3 stamps. You trade away 1 regular card for 1 regular card and a membercard. You gain 2 stamps. Quite simple, isn't it?
You don't need to upload the stamcards to your own space. Simply use the code below to imbed them into your tradepost. You can change the design to one of your chosing by changing the name from "stamplagoonaris001" to for example "stamplagoonaris002". To change the amount of stamps, exchange the number at the end to the corresponding one.

An overview of all stamp cards can be found here.
If you don't find any stamp cards to your liking, you are free to donate your own cards. You can find out more about donations here.


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